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I am feeling sort of blue, as I simply needed to state farewell to my family, companions and beau in Copenhagen. I have had such a pleasant smaller than expected get-away, and everyone have been so great at “taking consideration” of me. I think I have eaten one supper back home in my condo and else we have been out in the city doing all sort of fun stuff and eaten at a great deal of pleasant eateries! It haven’t really felt like I was home I would state, however more that I was without anyone else city if that bodes well. Be that as it may, that was additionally simply was a required – an okay diversion from stress and life.

I AM anticipating backpedaling! I cherish remaining in London and I adore being in Copenhagen too – it is only the trip in the middle of – the moving and saying farewell and hallo that I detest. It generally just takes me two or three days to get used to the new circumstance that I am in.

So as opposed to going for the set veggie dishes, I generally simply inquire as to whether they have any veggie decisions, and as a rule they are cheerful to suit. On the off chance that the eatery is great, they will most likely likewise influence a decent veggie to dish – unless it is steakhouse or something off base.

At any rate – here it is. What’s more, my point was it is appropriate for the two veggies and non-veggies ????

Best tapas! El Tapeo

El tapeo! The best tapas in Copenhagen! customary tapas. The bread, cheddar, potatoes everything simply taste off so much and you can tell that everything is better than average quality. This place is likewise the most comfortable place ever! The setting, tables and staff is extremely true and you can stay there and talk for a considerable length of time. I have been here numerous multiple occassions – and despite the fact that tapas isn’t the most veggie agreeable – there is sufficient dishes to browse to make it a decent all vegan supper also. The eatery is set right in the focal point of Copenhagen, somewhat covered up however – yet constantly extremely prominent. A genuine fortune, everyone who likes tapas should attempt!

Best extravagant veggie! VeVe

At last Copenhagen have opened an all veggie gourmet eatery. The main all veggie eatery in Copenhagen, that isn’t simply servings of mixed greens or crude sustenance. It most likely won’t be my go-to put as the costs aren’t not-understudy inviting, as well as understudy economy-demolishing. Be that as it may, my sweet family welcomed my there as I was truly left in the wake of finding out about the place, and wauw! This is the strangest most inventive and overpowering nourishment encounter I have ever had. The sustenance was stunning. Like extremely astounding. However, the craziest thing was the servings. It is difficult to clarify, however it was extravagant – yet with a bend. Like they where sort of ridiculing the normal gourmet setting. A super fun affair! I thing the best thing was the soya meringues with wasabi margarine – yes it sounds odd. In any case, the way they utilize diverse flavors was truly blade and extremely top notch!

I think I took more than 20 photographs however here is only a couple to show the bizarreness.

Best veggie burger! Succulent Burgers

This place I really strove out of the blue on this excursion. I have known off them for quite a while, yet burgers isn’t my most loved thing to eat and particularly veggie burgers, as they are frequently somewhat exhausting. I adore making them my self however, yet in the event that I am eating out I regularly pick something different. In any case, I had heard that this place ought to have an entirely decent veggie burger – unquestionably not beneficial, but rather great. So when we one night understood that everything in Vesterbro(Copenhagen) was shut – aside from Juicy Burgers, I said approve how about we attempt. What’s more, yes the veggie burgers is astonishing! Portobello with loads of ground cheddar. Everything is natural and crisp, and the bread is the best burger bread I have ever attempted. On the off chance that you like burgers this is certainly a decent place to attempt, and the place is truly trendy person and comfortable.

Best Italian! Famo MetroI have been here a few times as the costs isn’t the most understudy well disposed, however OMG the best Italian nourishment in Copenhagen with no opposition. You purchase 5 courses and the menu change ordinary, as indicated by what sort of crisp vegetables and products that is accessible that day – which is an idea that I adore. Therefor on the off chance that you are a vegan you simply call them before your reservation and it is simple for them to change the menu. Course after course is simply better then the past. I think the best thing is presumably the risotto – that is incredible!



Best informal breakfasts! Møller Kaffe&Køkken And Mad&Kaffe

These two informal breakfasts is fundamentally the same as and similarly fabulous so I figured they should both make the rundown. They are likewise in each finish of Copenhagen so you can simply pick the one that is nearest to you.

They both have customary danish breakfast sustenance however with a cutting edge bend. The way it works is that you get a paper with many informal breakfast dishes in various classifications and after that you simply pulverize off what you need and turn in the paper afterwords. Super savvy as there is continually something I don’t generally require on early lunch plates and something I wan’t significantly more off. So it is a blend of attempting various things and getting precisely what you need. The two spots serve super fantastic sustenance – everything from the bread to cheddar and yogurt simply taste great! Certainly the best informal breakfast puts ever. I am getting all eager simply pondering them!

The two spots is too fundamentally the same as in the beautification and air, it is extremely laid back youthful Copenhagen.

Best pizza! Neighborhood

Truly Neighborhood is by a wide margin the best pizza put in Copenhagen. What’s more, the best pizzas I have ever attempted anyplace. What’s more, yes I have been to Italy commonly. Every one of their pizzas is “sound” – which just means the outside layer is somewhat more slender and that there is much all the more garnish. Typically I don’t care for when “undesirable” nourishment endeavor to be “sound” as it at that point doesn’t undertaking of that much, and I really like to simply eat “genuine solid” sustenance on the off chance that I need to be sound – yet here the pizzas simply improve on the grounds that there is such a large amount of the well done in stead of bread! Every one of the pizzas is extremely untraditional – with colorful cheeses and vegetables – however every one of the flavors simply go so great together and tast of nothing I have ever attempted on a pizza previously.

This place was the one eatery I HAD to visit on my excursion to Copenhagen, and afterward it was shut the repeatable circumstances we attempted, as a result of the occasions. So frustrating! This could never have occurred in London

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